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  • The Fullpass for a lead and a follow
Party Pass
  • Socials and parties on Saturday and Sunday

All tickets will be available at the door.

Alle Tickets sind erhältlich an der Abendkasse / am Festivaltag


It has always been important for us to present a quality lineup, not only good dancers but a combination of great teaching and amazing dance talents. We want you to feel comfortable, enjoy a great atmosphere and be able to learn lots of new steps and also grow your background knowledge about Kizomba, Semba, Afrohouse and more.


This year we treat the festival with the mind of a bootcamp, to increase your learning experience and the atmosphere.
Let us explain to you the program:

FRIDAY is the arrival day, it gives time for sightseeing in Hamburg and dressing up for the evening program.

We will have:

  • a lecture about musicality, understanding the differences and how to express to it dance wise.
  • a lecture about history and culture, to give a context and better understanding about the dance we all love
  • a discussion round, where you can ask all questions about any topic and the lecturers will give their best to answer and give a point of view.


Inbetween we will open the buffet and serve you delicious african dishes, so your body won’t starve while your mind is kept busy. To finish the evening we will continue with a social until officially 1 AM.

SATURDAY and SUNDAY will continue with daily workshops and afternoon social dance and of course the nightly parties.

The workshops will be running in a logical order for different levels – the goal is to ensure your learning experience as efficient and senseful as possible. Often we attend festivals, do various workshops a day and can’t remember a step after the weekend.
We would like to give you a structured learning experience, in which each class built up on each other in topics, going through all different contents as steps, technics, body movement, flow and attitude and lots of fun of course.
We wish to increase your learn effect through this structure, which is more related to a weekender or bootcamp program and indeed will make you gain a lot more than on a conventional festival.
The workshops will be divided into Beginner/Improver Level and Intermediate/Advanced.

Also there will be open Level Classes that everybody can attend. Following up the social dance area will open at 16:00 and continue until the official night party at 22:00 PM. Social dance is the moment where you can experiment with your newly gained knowledge and get to know other dancers, connect, socialise and relaxe. During the night parties – u know how it goes. Enjoy the full line up of DJs, have lots of fun, dress up or not and enjoy the unique Ginga family atmosphere.

18:00African Dinner BuffettBillies Tanzstudio
20:00Conference - History, Culture, Musicality, Discussion roundBillies Tanzstudio
23:00PrePartyBillies Tanzstudio
12:00WorkshopsBillies Tanzstudio
16:00Social danceBillies Tanzstudio
22:00PartyBillies Tanzstudio
12:00WorkshopsBillies Tanzstudio
16:00Social danceBillies Tanzstudio
22:00PartyBillies Tanzstudio


Event Location & Hotel

Workshop & Parties

Billies Tanzstudio
Stresemannstr. 374
22761 Hamburg (Altona/Bahrenfeld)

Preparty Friday

Indra Club
Grosse Freiheit 64
22767 Hamburg (St. Pauli)

NH Hotel Altona

Stresemannstr. 363, Hamburg Altona

25hrs Altona

Paul-Dessau-Str. 2, Hamburg Bahrenfeld

Recommended to book through Booking.com

Schanzenstern Altona

Kleine Rainstraße 24-26
22765 Hamburg (Altona-Ottensen)



Airbnb Apartments

in recommended city areas: Altona, Ottensen, Bahrenfeld